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Incident History (Closed)

All Services back operational

Thank you all for your patience whilst we diagnosed the issue at hand. Due to the issue some of the images on the CDN had to be wiped along with some accounts. If you had a whitelisted account before and want it back please DM me thank you. We will be keeping an eye out over the coming days to ensure that everything is fully operational for the future.

Affected Services: LSDOJRP's Documents, Main Website, LSDOJRP Website, Content Delivery Network, WildFyrs Support, WildFyrs Knowledgebase, Dhomburcraft Server, Army of the Dead, LSDOJRP FiveM Server

Trying to fix logins

Faxes is in the backend of our store trying to fix out login issue, hopefully it can be resolved and we can get back online!

Affected Services: Main Website

Fixing User Creation issue on Website

Should be all set now, thank you!

Affected Services: Main Website

Pluto's Shitty License System is Down Again

Fucking Pluto's shit is offline so RIP CDN.

Update: License is back online

You may use the Content Delivery Network again

Affected Services: Content Delivery Network

Test Server Incative Until Needed

Shutting the test server off until it's needed, this is to save resources.

Affected Services: WildFyr Test Server

Updated all sites IP's to match with that of new VPS

All fixed, service page should be running again

Affected Services: Main Website, Media Host, WildFyrs Knowledgebase, WildFyrs Support, WildFyr Test Server


Slight test to make sure everything is operational

Affected Services: WildFyrs Knowledgebase, WildFyrs Support

Papa Pharos#999 Is Smarter Than Wildfyr

Wild Bro, you did what I told you not to do!! You turned on subscriptions when we don't have send-grid enabled...

Affected Services: WildFyrs Knowledgebase

Minor testing


Affected Services:



Affected Services: Media Host

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